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Build it efficient. Build it to last.

Norsk Builders offers general contracting services with the ability to satisfy both residential and commercial project requests. We provide the skills and experience to start and successfully complete a new building or remodeling assignment.

Specific areas of specialization include seamless siding, structural insulated panel (SIP) construction and fiberglass framed windows.

If you plan to build a new residential or commercial building, it's a forward-looking idea to consider solutions engineered and made to deliver green construction benefits. The same thinking applies to remodeling projects where the goals of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness reflect a commitment to being eco-smart—and saving money.

Either way, new or renovation, contact Norsk Builders to discuss your green aspirations. We'll guide you through the steps to turn them into reality, often with the help of one or more of our partners, which includes pre-design consulting and architectural services.

Intending to start a green project typically generates questions about meeting residential or commercial standards. To get answers, Norsk Builders teams with its sister company, Authentic Green Solutions, to offer third-party verification of ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS).


We're happy to consult and provide estimates on projects that are more traditional in nature. But you'll find that it's our green solutions for energy efficiency and long-term cost savings that separate us from other contractors and services. We're the GREEN above the rest.

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