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Creativity and Innovation. Preliminary Design. Construction Drawings.

Kelly Wegscheid, Architect, AIA, is originally from Ottertail Lake, Minnesota. As someone who heads up a woman-owned business, she brings a unique perspective as a woman designer who appreciates the challenges and standpoints of women home and business owners. She also does especially well with young families interested in making the kind of investments in renovation or new construction that will serve their generations to come.

Norsk Builders teams with Harmonious Architecture to provide customers with design experience and a complete of set of architectural services, including but not limited to: new home design, additions/remodels and pre-design consulation.

With more than 10 years of designing custom homes, Harmonious Architecture brings the innovation and creativity that are essential in exceeding each customer's expectations for functionality, aesthetics and green performance.

We cannot stress how important it is for most remolding and new construction projects—residential or commercial—to enlist the skills and talents of a firm the caliber of Harmonious Architecture.

Harmonious Architecture's founder, Kelli Wegscheid, embodies that special person who can listen to to the ideas of others, clarify expectations and apply her visualization gifts and eye for detail to present detailed drawings and a road map that leads to a successfully completed project. That's why we recommend Kelli's firm and look forward to working with her on many future projects.

Our joint approach helps customers navigate through the obstacles presented by local and county regulations. It marries the best design and the best materials with effective green solutions to save customers energy and money.


Considering all of the parts and elements that are involved in a remolding or new construction project, it's the job of Harmonious Architecture to have them all pleasingly or appropriately combined. The final result, then, blends both the owner’s and architect’s ideas to create a beautiful blend of form & function.

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