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From Fargo, Scott Fluge created Norsk Builders to help property owners make the move to a level of remodeling and building modernization that allows them to use energy more efficiently, meet industry green standards, and make an investment that pays off in the long haul.

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Norsk Builders is a full-service building and remolding company with a track record of success completing projects for both residential and commercial properties. The company's primary area of focus is helping property owners design and build according to green building standards. It can provide estimates and installation schedules for projects of varying size, scope and budget.

The company was founded by Scott Fluge, a graduate of North Dakota State University with a construction engineering degree. An entrepreneur with a knack for growing his own businesses, he has been active in the building and construction industry for more than 10 years. Early on, he followed the emerging trends of energy efficiency and conservation, knowing it was a matter of time before property owners would be asking for building specifications that integrated green solutions.

Consequently, he created Authentic Green Solutions, a company whose sole purpose is to conduct inspections to determine if a new building design or property renovation is able to meet standards. By completing the verification process, different green solutions, which support the goal of achieving or surpassing standards, can be recommended.

An avid outdoorsman, Scott lives in the Fargo, North Dakota area with his wife Melissa and son Grant.

Scott's businesses, Norsk Builders and Authentic Green Solutions, delivers the one-two punch of green standards verification and green solution installation to help customers enjoy the advantages of living or working in a property that features green-building improvements. As both an engineer and a general construction contractor, Scott Fluge sets a high bar for quality, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Scott founded and operates both Norsk Builders and Authentic Green Solutions, whose unique services fit together perfectly. Through the teaming of both entities, a potential project can be inspected and verified for green performance, and identified areas of improvements can be addressed with Norsk Builder's general contracting and green-solution sourcing capabilities.

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